The Journey Begins

Why RumLondon?

Well, I like rum, I live in London and I’m not particularly imaginative. Sorry.

I decided unilaterally that it would be nice to share some thoughts on it with fellow rum lovers or those internet users whose random trawls of the web have led them here. Feel free to ignore my ramblings, as I think there’s also a therapy in writing that works for my benefit.

I like my food too – so in addition to my favourite cocktail recipes, there’ll occasionally be the odd cooking recipe if you’re REALLY unlucky.

Feedback on what I write is welcome, even if it’s less than complementary. Every interaction is a learning experience and I’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to RumLondon!

Keeping up to date

Feel free to (indeed, DO) follow me on the social media of your choice (I’m generally more active on Instagram than Twitter – I’ve not started adding to my Facebook page yet).

Sadly, until someone shows me how to get Instagram properly embedded on WordPress, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of this page to see my latest bits and pieces – I’ll sometimes try something and if it takes for longer than a month I’ll remove this text and you’ll never realised the struggles I experienced #PrayforRumLondon.

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